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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The biggest problem is that at the beginning of the year, or the start of a new line, they flood the shelves with stuff that nobody wants. Nobody had found Hawkeye or Black Widow from the Avengers because the shelves are still overflowing with three different versions of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America so stores aren't ordering more. Or with the 6" line, they put out two different case assortments at once, that each only have half the characters. Most stores are only ordering the first which has, you guessed it, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Hulk, Hawkeye, and Loki are no shows almost everywhere. Don't get me started on the first two waves of Return of Marvel Legends being released within a month of each other, and no refresher cases ever being sent out.

Mattel isn't really much better. I still saw DC Universe wave 10 warming pegs in some places. The line reached 20 waves before the end. The Green Lantern Movie Masters were another fiasco. Everything beyond Wave 1 was pretty much an online exclusive.

In better news, I managed to snag one of the SDCC exclusive Movie Masters Bruce Wayne figures off of Matty before they sold out. It comes in a really awesome Wayne Manor themed box with sound effects, and has a full separate batsuit. Even as a die hard opener, this is one that's staying in the box, or at least the box and batsuit are getting worked into my display.

This video shows it off a bit:
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