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X-Men Comics Help

Okay, for those of you keeping up with the current X-Men storylines, I need some help. I was a really avid X-Men comics reader several years ago. I got really busy with school and work and other hobbies, etc... but I really want to get back into the story. I quit reading in late 2008/early 2009 right around the time Hope left with Cable. I have read the entirety of the last Cable series, which I thought was fantastic. I was going back over the list of where I stopped and I came up with this:

X-Men #503
X-Men Legacy #216
Astonishing X-Men #32
X-Force #20
X-Factor #27
New X-Men #46

I know there are some new series out and some of these have been cancelled... just want to know where to go from here, what's still in the main continuity, any major crossovers, etc.
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