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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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To nitpick the plot one of the less plausible parts of the film is - what deranged police cheif would deploy virtually the entire police force an a 'training exercise', that was really a man hunt? Moreover, the film would have us believe that 3,000 police officers were trapped underground for weeks - come out of being trapped - and have spotless uniforms and are ready to fight.

Very far fetched part of the plot.
I saw it with a group of 6 and one of the women in the group brought this up as her first critique. No way they hadn't atrophied from 80+ days underground with little to no means to stay fit.

I segued with a similar point about how Bruce had apparently atrophied from ceasing his activities and how the medical diagnosis showed us perhaps why. YET, after his back injury in those same 80 days his body was ready to fight, loss of cartilage etc that caused him to use a cane be damned. Guess the prison work out regrows cartilage. His leaping from the pit was made sans knee brace which he clearly needed earlier.

Mage wrote: View Post
The thing is, after the Marvel-movies/Michael Bay era, we are used to not only getting an action-packed opening, but an action-packed everything.
These are not only NOT the same type of movie experience but not the same era. Bay has been making movies since the 90's afterall. The Marvel style is not in tone or pacing similar to a Bay film, it's a bit insulting imo to put them together like that.

timothy wrote: View Post
I decided to wait a week out respect of what happened in colorodo. Plan to see it this saturday.
I get that this was how you chose to pay respects but let me say that I chose to go as a big FU to all crazy mofo's that I will not alter my life based on you. I went for those people who had the opportunity to do so taken from them.

I'm seeing the movie one more time but let me chime in that our group also had issue with Bane's voice. It was not that clear. Me and another guy also felt the film did a poor job of displaying the passage of time for those 80+ days the city was under siege.
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