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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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...Bruce getting back to 100% in 2 1/2 weeks is ridiculous.
About 5 months had passed.

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Ultimately, as great as the first two movies were, I just think Nolan grounded the character and mythos a little TOO much. They're not Batman movies-- they're crime dramas with a little bit of Batman sprinkled in here and there.
That's pretty much what I want... A good long dramatic thriller with several acts, dectonstructing the idea of what it takes for a man to fight crime and what his life and relationships go through as a result. ...with the story of Batman being the vehicle for that.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Honestly, I read the script and there was no indication that those final scenes were meant to be ambiguous or open to interpretation in any way. Or that the final scene with Alfred was some sort of fantasy sequence. It was just as real and concrete as Gordon finding the new Bat-signal on the roof, as real as Lucius discovering that Bruce had secretly fixed the autopilot, as real as the orphans moving into the manor, as real as John Blake finding the Batcave . . . .

I'm genuinely surprised that so many people are speculating that the Alfred scene was a dream or a vision or whatever. That's certainly not how I handled it in the novelization (on sale tomorrow, btw). And certainly nobody at Warner Bros. told me to make it ambiguous or anything . . . .

Besides, if Batman was supposed to be dead, and that last bit was just a reverie, what about Selina? She didn't "die" in the explosion, so why wouldn't she get an epilogue of her own, if that final scene wasn't meant to wrap up her story as well?
Well, it could have been a fantasy sequence. You never know.

I'm kidding. I took it to be 100% real and never questioned that.
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