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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I just came.

God, I can't wait for a higher-quality and longer trailer to come to the the theaters/internet. The one before TDKR was great and I loved it (even if it didn't give me much) but this movie is going to be.... Awesome.

On the discussion of Clark wearing a cape...

Seems like an odd question, I mean in any iteration of Superman we could ask the same question. "Why a red cape?"

The imagery of it certainly isn't only rooted in Superman from our world capes existed before then. Clark got it from one of those places, that or an in-universe superhero (Smallville had one.) Who said the idea of wearing a red cape and standing boldly with your fists at your hips can only come from Superman?

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Plus, maybe Clark was a Zorro fan?
Kids don't imitate Zorro by putting on a cape.
Oh, so you know how kids in this Superman's universe behave?
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