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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, it was pretty obvious. Like a cockroach on a white shag rug.

But yeah, this version of Jar Jar is supposed to be the much more common one everyone will see.

Hey, did you read the earlier post about the possibility of the final wave of Vintage not making it to stores? As of right now, nothing's been confirmed nor refuted, but if that happens it won't be the first time the last wave of a line has gotten screwed like a ten-dollar hooker. You'd think, though, that after more than a decade of this periodically happening that the suits would take proper steps to ensure proper retail access and success for their product, if for no other reasons than their own image and bottom line.

Oh well. Like I said above I'll avoid any snarky "Hasbro blows" remarks for the sake of being nice...but I'm just not surprised anymore. Those guys just love to put their company foot in bear traps.
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