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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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First: I do not like the word sexy so much because its a bit superficial in my opinion. At first glance it refers to someone's appearance only. Of course it is the first thing that we notice about another person before we get to know her/him, but concerning Janeway I am already past the outer appearance for quite a while.

Judging from pictures only, she looks sexy on most of them, though not on all. Some are simply odd (if I was allowed to post one I would happily provide examples).

I think what makes her really irresistable for me is her personality. It is her passion and commitment to be there for her crew, to care for each single one of them, to be strong and never have doubts that she will bring them home, that she will save them. Its her greatest strength and her greatest vulnerability at the same time.
I think this is also the trait that is uniquely Kate Mulgrew's link to Kathryn Janeway. Its truly her passion, her honesty that gives Janeway's character life. There is an openess, an open mindedness about both of them that touches something inside me.

Apart from the personality, I absolutely adore her hands+arms and her face, those high cheekbones and her gracefull neck . And her hair. But not always. I never know when it is really KM's hair and when it is not.
You are awesome

I agree with all that you say above, because Janeway is an incredibly passionate person about everything: her crew, her moral beliefs, science, etc. I think that's something that makes people so drawn to her character is how fiercely she cares for and about everything in her life.

I'm also with you on the word 'sexy', but I think that it can be attributed to more than just physical appearance. Many people classify confidence as being sexy, and Janeway certainly had an abundance of that!

And I'm with you on her hands and cheekbones; she has such a fantastic facial structure it's enviable! And in photos her face always looks gorgeous. Half the time I wonder why Kate Mulgrew hasn't done more modeling.

As for her hair, I think it was hers from season 4 onwards when she went to the short bob. Before that I think it was a weave or extensions of some sort to make it longer.

Oh, and welcome to the realm of Janeway awesomeness

"It's never easy, but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human." - Kathryn Janeway, "Equinox Part 1".
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