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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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Batman in the Nolan films has been a secondary character. I agree with that feeling.
He was even more backseat for this film. Long, long stretches with no Batman in a Batman film.
Yeah, and I think why it affected me in this movie other than the others is that the secondary characters didn't give the movie that "batman" feel. For example, in Batman Begins, that was all Christian Bale and his growth into Batman and as origin movies go, it was very very good. Also, we got to meet the other main characters for the first time, who seemed to have a bigger part like Commissioner Gordon, Fox, and Alfred. That continued in Dark Knight, but that had the extra benefit of Heath Ledger just being so very good as the Joker.

In Dark Knight Rises, the main characters were Bane, Blake, and Tate. The characters were grew to love kind of took a back seat and Hardy, while a good actor, is no Heath Ledger. Because of that, I noticed how much of an un-batman movie this felt, even though I still really really enjoyed it.
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