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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I think this sums up my most basic problem with TDKR perfectly-- it missed the very essence of the character of Batman. Sure, it had a costume and a "bat vehicle" and a "not-called-Catwoman-version-of-Catwoman" but it really wasn't a good BATMAN movie. Just watch Batman: The Animated Series and you'll see a MUCH better version of the character. A man who dedicates his entire life to protecting the innocent of Gotham because of his parent's murder does not just "give up" over a girl with whom he shared a single kiss and a hand-hold.

Nope. Sorry... don't buy it.

I won't even go into all of the other HUGE logical holes in the film but it is, IMHO, the WEAKEST of Nolan's films. He was closest in Batman Begins-- and even then he was only about 60% of the way there.
Yeah, it seems like there wasn't one moment when this Batman wasn't tortured and conflicted about something. We never see him become the calm, wise, and confident detective we see in the comics or BTAS or JLU. And as hard as the movies tried, he never felt to me half as mythic or larger than life as Burton's Batman.

Ultimately, as great as the first two movies were, I just think Nolan grounded the character and mythos a little TOO much. They're not Batman movies-- they're crime dramas with a little bit of Batman sprinkled in here and there.
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