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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
Chris_Johnston wrote: View Post
I've never been able to sit through a complete episode of Modern Family.
Just not funny.
Really? I find it hysterical.

Venardhi wrote: View Post
It is more of a Dramedy, but yeah, I don't entirely get the appeal though I've been amused by the couple of episodes I've caught.
Parenthood, sure, I can see that being described as a dramedy, but Modern Family? That's a first.
I've only seen a couple episodes, perhaps they were more understated than most. I'll also admit to being perhaps overly broad with the term due to wanting to differentiate stuff like Community or your average sit-com from say, Weeds or United States of Tara or Californication or the like, Which are generally all lumped in as "comedy."
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