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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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To nitpick the plot one of the less plausible parts of the film is - what deranged police cheif would deploy virtually the entire police force an a 'training exercise', that was really a man hunt? Moreover, the film would have us believe that 3,000 police officers were trapped underground for weeks - come out of being trapped - and have spotless uniforms and are ready to fight.

Very far fetched part of the plot.
Granted - but at least the story actually dealt with why the police were paralyzed. How many action flicks are there which take place in major urban centers where the entire police force seems to consist of 4 guys who just get shot or wreck their cars within 5 seconds of coming on screen? I mean, seriously - how many cops did you ever see in a Spider-Man movie, even with supervillains attacking large public gatherings?
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