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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - IMAX - While I thought it was a great movie, I consider it only good as a Batman movie. There were many problems with the movie logic and execution wise but not enough to effect the enjoyment of the movie, until to analyze it later.

The Good
Of course Bane, I skeptical of Tom Hardy at first. Even after seeing Him in Bronson. However his presence in DKR is palpable. He embodied Bane in every single way.

Selina Kyle (cat woman) I was actually impressed with Anne Hathaways performance here and consider here the actual standout of the movie.

Marion Cotillard I'm sorry, she was just awful in the movie. She was really distracting, I have liked her in other things. So it was a huge disappointment.

If you can see it IMAX, please do. It's the only way to experience it.
I tried to show Junior some racism today and it was thwarted by the cops and Whitey.

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