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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Three days since I've seen this movie and everyday I'm more disappointed in what I saw...and I was already pretty disappointed coming out of the theater. What nobody seems to have said in this thread is that the movie was just plain boring most of the time. Yes, there were some good moments but took so long to get to them in between long stretches of nothing that hard for me to say much positive about this film.

And I'm sad because I was defending Batman movies vs. Marvel movies to various people during the day and had to eat my own words later when I didn't enjoy much about Rises. I'm a long-time defender of DC vs. Marvel in terms of comics and movies, yet I know when it's time to throw in the towel.

I love long movies, but in this case the time just seemed to drag on and on. Bane was nearly incomprehensible in some scenes (at least in the theater I was in), Batman was seriously lacking (and yes, there was lots of Bruce angst/sulking/probing emotional depths but when I go see a Batman movie I actually would like to see some Batman), and too many sub-plots and characters I really just didn't care about. How many times did Bruce really need to try to climb out of the Pit anyway?

I guess in the end I just didn't expect a movie like this to be so ponderously boring.

..and yes, I do imagine that I will get blasted for this, but it's only my opinion :-)
It's sad that you have to worry about giving out your opinion on the net. I can see your points in the movie, but i still really enjoyed it. But it's your opinion. And you shouldnt have to worry about getting crapped on for giving a good, logical opinion on the movie.
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