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Abrams/his Cohorts did say Admiral Archer was meant to be Jonathan Archer.
If it's not onscreen, it's not canon. Lots of creators have had intentions that were later contradicted, and this is an intention that, as I've explained, is vanishingly improbable. Heck, Mike Sussman's intention in the IaMD bio was that Archer died in 2245, so the two extracanonical intentions pretty much cancel each other out. It's arbitrary to take one as gospel and ignore the contradictory one. So we should disregard intentions and go by the actual evidence and probabilities.

And Archer's file in IAMD did say he was eventually promoted to Admiral, and even lived until 2245.
And, again, that he later became president, and nobody is going to refer to a former president as "Admiral." So if you accept the IaMD bio as evidence, it's compelling evidence against the admiral in question being Jonathan Archer.

As for his date of death, that could of course be different in the timeline that diverged in 2233, but as I've explained, the demographics are profoundly against it. Living to 133 in that era? An extraordinary feat, but not entirely out of the question. Living to 146, longer than any established human being in Trek other than Flint? With each added year, his continued survival gets more and more unlikely.

But even if we ignore this, Admiral Archer must have been someone prominent in Starfleet, if even his dog is well known to a cadet.
Yes, thank you, that's what I'm trying to say. It stands to reason that Jonathan Archer had heirs, descendants. There could be a lot of Archers in Starfleet service. (It's even possible that the Valerie Archer impersonated by a member of Species 8472 in VGR: "In the Flesh" was based on a real person.) The idea that Archer left such a vibrant, living legacy in Starfleet is a very appealing one, and I don't understand why so few people even imagine the possibility.
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