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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I selected, "Good," only because Ledger's Joker performance will forever be hard to top. So overall the acting was better in the previous film if not only because of him.
A lot of people say this. Heath Ledger was indeed good and fun to watch, but I've never thought of his performance or the Joker as so earth-shattering that nothing else compares. I think anyone would be just as good if they put on some clown make-up and let loose. I also think that other villains are equally worthwhile and interesting in their own right.
Other villains are equally worthwhile, but Heath Ledger's performance was above and beyond. It's a matter of becoming the role. The best examples I can think of is your standard episode of Saturday Night Live: you can definitely tell which hosts are phoning it in, and which hosts are invested in their roles. It's not "letting loose", its becoming the character.

For another example, I've never thought Christian Bale ever truly owned the Batman role, rather he just did a decent job of portraying it. Robert Downey Jr, however, IS Tony Stark.
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