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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Saw the movie yesterday in IMAX. I really enjoyed it. I selected, "Good," only because Ledger's Joker performance will forever be hard to top. So overall the acting was better in the previous film if not only because of him.

Bain was an interesting bad guy. I wish they had explained more why he had the mask. It seemed unclear what exactly happened. Did the comic books do a better job of explaining that?

Michael Cain's, Alfred, didn't come off to me as well as in previous films. Maybe is tires of the role. Also the grave side scene where he cries with emotion didn't come off well.

The film was a little long IMO and with previews over 3 hours. For me, that's a long time to sit in the theater.

Overall I give it an A-. The problem with Batman films is they are so incredible both visually as well as the acting that even slight problems with the script or acting makes it easy to criticize, likely unfairly.

As an aside: when we were waiting in line to go into the theater I was speaking with the usher. She was saying she was so tired and exhausted from the weekend. Apparently at the theater several stupid morons were opening the back door as a prank and they had to call the police 1/2 dozen times over the course of the weekend. Some people are really dumb asses.
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