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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Difficult vote, since I felt it wasn't Excellent, but Good felt as it was only so-so. It's somewhere in between, but I voted Excellent.

The movie certainly has some faults, and as a movie, I suppose TDK was better. But as a Batman story, I was very impressed by this movie. Two nice little plot-twist, although one of them was a bit obvious.

Tom Hardy did a good job. I just felt he did. Nothing earthshattering maybe, but still a very solid performance. Anna Hatheway, the same.
I think overall the performances were just that, solid. Good. Nothing that had sparks flying of the screen. But nothing disappointing either, to me that is.

As for the ending.... Some of it I saw coming, saw of it I didn't. Alfred's last scene.... I expected something more like the last scene from Inception, with

As for

On the whole though, a very good movie, well made and put together. TDK will probably go in to history as the best movie of the trilogy, mostly thanks to Heath's amazing performance in that movie. But this was certainly a worty ending of this saga.
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