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Aerie-Class ships are designed to go very far, very fast and not be noticed. Their small size, ease of maintenance and exceptionally good sensors make them ideally suited for use in the Border Service, as well as being favoured by civilian scientific agencies.

The H’krii is one of the few in both Starfleet and the Border Service to have its entire crew (in this case just eight officers and non-coms) from just a single species: Deltan. This has led to many jokes being made about the ship’s complement and what they get up to, there are also some within the Third Squadron and beyond that have nicknamed it the U.S.S. Love Boat.

The following crew are pictured:

Commanding Officer (First Shift) - Lt. Commander Ilahn (Deltan)
Bright and cheery, his time in the Border Service has permitted him a command of his own which has allowed him to pull together an all-Deltan crew. He has since proven to many that his unique ship and crew can handle any assignment given to them.
First/Tactical Officer (Second Shift) - Lieutenant Yinn (Deltan)
Oddly for a Deltan, he is surprisingly reserved and private. When not on shift, he withdraws to his quarters. Though others have tried to get him to open up, he remains somewhat sullen.
Chief of the Boat/Operations (First Shift) - Chief Petty Officer Nadi (Deltan)
When the chance to serve on an all-Deltan ship was offered to her, she readily accepted. Though a decorated member of Starfleet, with years of serve behind her, as well as her Oath on file, she has a voracious sexual appetite that she can now indulge freely.
Senior Engineer (First Shift) - Petty Officer 2nd Class Rielle (Deltan)
Newly promoted to her senior position, she is still has quickly made it hers. Using the workspace for her various devices, when not working on ship systems, she is tinkering with her pet projects.
Flight Controller (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 3rd Class Ama (Deltan)
Formerly a shuttle pilot, she is used to piloting small ships and getting the most out of them. The H’krii is a little bigger than she is used to, but she handles it easily. Since she is the one on shift with Lieutenant Yinn, she is usually the one trying to get to know him.

Not Pictured:
Engineering Specialist (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 3rd Class Keena (Deltan, Female)
Deckhand/Security Guard (First Shift) - Crewman Oron (Deltan, Male)
Deckhand/Security Guard (Second Shift) - Crewman Ijos (Deltan, Male)
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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