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The Soyuz-Class Cam Rahn Bay has had a long and distinguished career in the Border Service, where is has saved countless lives, defeated hundreds of smugglers, pirates and raiders, and ensured the continued safety of Federation territory and space lanes.

But in early 2377, during the Talarian Incursion, the ship was extensively damaged, the majority of the crew killed or seriously injured, and had to limp back to safety. Repair work tooks months, during which time the cutter had a thorough overhaul so that she could continue to serve the Border Service with pride.

Here is the Command Crew from when the ship relaunched after repairs:

Commanding Officer - Captain Mirothrin R’Shav (Caitian)
He has commanded the Cam Rahn Bay for ten years, but the Talarian Incursion left him questioning whether he would remain in uniform. Fortunately his daughter, who also happens to be in the Third Squadron, talked him into staying, for which he is very grateful.
First Officer - Commander T8 Blue (Nasat)
Formerly Attaché to Rear Admiral T’Rona onboard Star Station Freedom, when the Cam Rahn Bay was nearing completion he requested a transfer. A meticulous officer, he likes to see things through and as such likes to get involved in just about everything onboard.
Chief Operations Officer – Lt. Commander Anya Treigatda (Human/Ktarian)
Just a Lieutenant during the Incursion, she found herself acting up as First Officer after the heavy losses. Now Second Officer, she has a lot to learn about command, but Captain R’Shav, so impressed by how she handled herself, has taken her under his wing.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Thaalarish ch’Vohs (Andorian)
Promoted to his position and rank after the Incursion, he has vowed to keep the ship safe. Soft spoken and well-liked by his shipmates, he is also a fierce warrior, holding high ranks/levels in twelve different martial art forms.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Armin Cogan (Human)
Definitely a true miracle worker, he found himself in command of Engineering as the skeleton crew made repairs. If not for his problem-solving skills and ingenuity the ship never would have survived. For that he was promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief Engineer.
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Juliette Richmond (Human)
A bright and brilliant young physician, she caught the end of the Dominion War, after which she requested assignment to the Starfleet Relief Hospital on Cardassia Prime. At the end of 2376 she was promoted to Lieutenant and made CMO onboard the Cam Rahn Bay.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG Edan Siora (Rigellian)
From the largest moon of Beta Rigel 3, she joined Starfleet for adventure away from her overbearing parents. Something of a thrill seeker, there aren’t many dangerous activities she doesn’t partake in. Like ch’Vohs and Cogan, she was promoted to her post after the Incursion.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Senior Chief Petty Officer Kahmor (Zaldan)
As customary with Zaldans, he is blunt and stubborn, with a deep-seated dislike of courteous behaviour. He is always very direct with people, which can often be quiet intimidating for those unfamiliar with Zaldan customs.
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