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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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This is it? How underwhelming! For people who wanted to get away from Singer's Superman Returns, they put out a similar trailer but done worse. The whole thing would've been a better teaser for Aquaman The Movie with all that fisherman stuff!
I have to agree with you. Superman Returns was a movie I was psyched about and it disappointed me greatly. But the teaser (whose only flaw was spending a quarter of its running time on logos) was just fantastic. It's remarkable how similar and how much better it is to the new teaser. Maybe part of it is John Williams' Superman theme (The new trailer used a great piece of music from Horner - Gandalf's fall, but it's obviously not what will be used, and represents Gandalf more than Superman), or maybe it's the power of Brando's voice (which far surpasses the voice of either Crowe or Costner) or maybe it's the words themselves, unforgettable and poetic. Maybe its the iconic shots they used in the trailer, people gazing skyward, or how heroic and romantic Supes looks as he steps to rather tiny (in comparison) Lois, or the fantastic shot from above both of them as he takes off. Or maybe its the glimmer in Routh's eyes before he rockets down to Earth. The new trailer, which looks more like the first hour of Batman Begins, doesn't come close, despite teasing the audience in the same way.
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