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Re: Batman's greatest lover?

In English, is it Talia Head, or Talia Demon?

I had a pretty ginger neighbour girl named Talia when I was a boy, but that doesn't mean that Talia isn't (imaginary? )Arabic for something sly?

2 syll. ta-lia, tal-ia ] The baby girl name Talia is also used as a boy name, though it is far more popular for girls. It is pronounced as TAA-LYaa- †. Talia has its origins in the Latin, Hebrew, and Old Greek languages. It is used largely in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew. From Hebrew roots, its meaning is 'dew from God' - in this context, Talia can be used in the Arabic and Hebrew languages. Derived from the word tal with the meaning 'dew'.
Dew Head?

Not only is it a good translation, the writer who long ago came up with the name (I wasn't reading Batman at the time, so I don't know who -- but I'm sure it was in the comics long before the animated series) stole it from astronomy -- it's the name used for the constellation of Perseus and Medusa's Head used in arabic books, especially the translation of Ptolemy called The Almagest.
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