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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Just breaking courtesy of and one of the SW collector fan pages on Facebook: the possibility that the final wave of The Vintage Collection might not actually make it to American, Canadian and Australian retail?

This report has not been confirmed nor has it been conclusively refuted, and the FB page lit up like a Christmas tree when the report hit. The final waves of quite a few previous STAR WARS figure lines were either very, very badly distributed or were AWOL: Episode I, Revenge of the Sith, the 30th Anniversary Collection(TAC) and the Legacy Collection 2009-10 being the most egregious examples of retail Fail.

Sio Bibble? Jaina and Jacen Solo, anyone?

Now, as I said...nothing's been confirmed. As of right now this is just a report. And to be frank, retail distribution is already pretty bad so if the final Vintage figures never made to to U.S., Canadian or Aussie store pegs I can't say it'd be all that huge a difference from the current retail situation. But the last wave contains a whopping 12 figures, including the four repacks of the Episode I figures (Aurra Sing, Mawhonic, Gungan Warrior, Naboo Pilot) that a lot of people didn't get a crack at the first time they were out earlier this year. The last wave also contains the long-awaited Emperor's Royal Guard army builder with swappable head and shoulder armor, so if this wave gets completely screwed at retail there are gonna be a lot of seriously miffed collectors out there.

Anyways, just thought I'd share the report in the interest of fairness and disclosure. It might not amount to anything, but I know there are some people in this thread who'd like to know.
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