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Re: DS9 - Where to start?

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Won't let me install Nook cos I am in Israel.
How stupid.

Maybe I when I am in the UK next week it will allow me.

If so, is it better to buy there than on Kindle?
Price seems to be the same.
Here's the thing about Kindles...

The Kindles were using Mobipocket as their main format and that format is obsolete and just plain is almost worthless. Now, Amazon decided to come out with a new format called KF8. This is similar to ePub. The eink readers that support KF8 are the Kindle with no touch and no keyboard and the Kindle Touch. But both of these have a very serious bug and the reading experience is not all that good. The bug is that the line height is too big and using line-height in the CSS to try to fix this doesn't work as they ignore line-height.

The ePub have been formatted pretty well. Better then the Mobipocket editions. Now the KF8 can look similar to the ePub, but not really because of the line height bug. So reading Star Trek on a Kindle is not optimal because if you have one of the Kindles that support KF8, when you download a recent Trek eBook you will get the KF8 version and it won't look all that nice. So the solution is to get a reader that supports ePub via ADE and you will be able to get the full enjoyment out of Star trek eBooks. I have a Sony reader PRS-650 and the PRS-T1 (current model) is very nice.

And with ePub, you are not limited to Amazon.
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