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Re: What's next for Batman...

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Speaking of the JLA, I highly doubt that next year's Man of Steel is going to have any connection to a JLA film if and when it materializes, primarily because Christopher Nolan has said that he has absolutely no interest in being even remotely involved in or with the establishment of a shared universe akin to what Marvel's doing with the MCU,
I'd take it as a given that Man of Steel won't set up any Justice League stuff in the manner of the way the individual Marvel films have been setting up the Avengers for years.

But just because he won't be involved in the Justice League movies it doesn't necessarily mean the new Superman won't be involved... or that, say, Zack Synder wouldn't be involved in some fashion.
So long as Nolan remains attached to the MoS franchise as a producer, the character of Superman as represented in and by the MoS franchise will not be associated with the JLA because Nolan said that he wants no part whatsoever in anything having to do with the build-up to or creation of a shared MCU-style filmic universe, and unless Warner Bros. and DC plans on waiting until they've officially finished with the MoS franchise in its entirety, the only way they'll be able to use the Henry Cavill Superman in a JLA film or associate him with such a film will be if Nolan stops his association with the MoS franchise as a producer.

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The Joker was only 'off-limits' because Christopher Nolan did not feel it was appropriate to re-utilize the character following Heath's death; if someone did step into Nolan's shoes and do a continuation of the universe he established with the Dark Knight Trilogy, they would in no wise be beholden to the personal choice that Nolan made.
But at this point you're asking the question: Why continue the Nolanverse?

You have a new director, a new Joker, and very probably a new Batman (unless you convince Christian Bale to take up the cowl again). The connection to the Nolanverse would mostly be that the film undermines the intent of how Nolan concluded his last movie.

When you reach that point as a fan we're better off with a clean reboot. New Joker, new Batman, new director, new direction.
Simple answer? Money and the ability to market a new series of Batman solo films set in the Nolanverse as being set in the Nolanverse. Being able to piggyback a new series of Batman solo films off of the success of Nolan's trilogy by touting that the new films are set in that same universe would be very helpful in generating marketing for said new set of films, which would lead to more money.
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