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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Someone on another board brought up the question of why Talia wanted to destroy Gotham even though Gordon and Batman had cleaned up its streets, which led me to the following thought:

Talia might claim that she's finishing her father's work, but she's really got more in common with The Joker than she does with Ra's. The vehemence with which she stabs Bruce and tells him who she really is indicates somebody who, like The Joker, 'just wants to watch the world burn'... in this case LITERALLY. The difference between Talia and The Joker, though, is that Talia wanted Bruce/Batman to 'watch the world burn' with her and know that, because of his actions in both of his identities (killing her father as Batman and building/financing the fusion reactor as Bruce), he was responsible FOR and complicit IN the city's destruction, whereas The Joker just wanted Batman dead.
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