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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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If the Tzenkethi were so clever to have moles in Romulan society, why not someone else having moles in theirs?
Except the Tzenkethi didn't have moles in Romulan society. They simply manipulated Romulan political actors without anyone realizing it.
I'm frankly astonished (not to mention amused) at the idea that that's even possible: to manipulate events and people--to the point of even causing assasinations--so thouroughly and succesfully without some sort of "boots on the ground".
They had "boots on the ground." They had Tzenkethi living on Romulus, posing as merchants and in other fields, who were manipulating Romulan politics by covertly assassinating key Romulan leaders. And they did it without any Romulans working for them. Rough Beasts of Empire is very clear on this.
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