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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Well, considering the prior "relationship" 31 had had with the Tal Shiar, I wouldn't put it past someone to have a mole somewhere.
The first problem with this idea is that Section 31 was duped; they thought Koval was a double agent who was working for them, but he was actually (as revealed by his duplicity towards Section 31 in Section 31: Rogue) a triple agent still working for the Tal Shiar. So there's no reason to think Section 31 is particularly good at penetrating the Tal Shiar.
This occured, as I recall, years before "Inter Arna". As Ross himself pointed out, we don't know when Koval started working with Sloan. One can't assume he was being a false mole, then--merely a worthy opponent.

The second problem is that the Tal Shiar doesn't know about the Tzenkethi's operations on Romulus. Indeed, the Tal Shiar was amongst the organizations being so manipulated.
Of course they didn't know--at the time, at least--otherwise, they'd have tried to stop it.

If the Tzenkethi were so clever to have moles in Romulan society, why not someone else having moles in theirs?
Except the Tzenkethi didn't have moles in Romulan society. They simply manipulated Romulan political actors without anyone realizing it.
I'm frankly astonished (not to mention amused) at the idea that that's even possible: to manipulate events and people--to the point of even causing assasinations--so thouroughly and succesfully, with such a guarantee of success, without some sort of "boots on the ground". Even the most "out-there" of conspiracy theories involve "ground troops" of some sort.

Unless they were somehow confident that they would "get lucky" in the results of their "external pressure", or something....
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