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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Just this afternoon, I saw the IMAX trailer, attached to The Dark Knight Rises.

FIRST--this film is now established to have one of the biggest MacGuffins in the entire Bond franchise. And no, it's not the cliched "saving the world from total annihilation". When I heard that voice in the trailer describe exactly what was at stake--I lunged forward in my seat, my eyes bulged wide, "!"

SECOND--just like that--all my fears about the young Q being a stereotypical "pocket-protector" nerd are thown out the window. He is the snarky, crotchety* fellow we know and love--appearing quite contemptuous of Bond, seemingly seeing him as little more than a "trigger". I loved the man the moment I heard his voice in the trailer...and a grin filled my face when Bond referred to him (in a wry tone) as..."Q".
(Here's hoping his surname name is given on-screen as...Boothroyd.)

THIRD--I am really looking forward, now (as if I weren't already!) to Berenice Marlohe's role as Severine--a larger-than-life, glamorous Bond Girl, as commanding and charismatic as she is beautiful and sexy.

Severine (in a glamorous evening dress): Mister...?

007 (in The Tux): Bond. James Bond.

Need I say more?

*(Don't know if that term can really be applied to a youngster, but--what the heck....)
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