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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Ted - free admission
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D - free admission
Powder Blue - DVD
Crazy, Stupid Love - HBO
To Rome With Love - free admission
The Do Deca Pentathlon - free admission
ZAAT! - free admission
Manhattan - free admission
Extraterrestre - free admission
Magic Mike - free admission
Coraline 3D - free admission
Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D - free admission
Beasts of the Southern Wild - free admission
The Dark Knight Rises - matinee

I reimbursed crusherdisciple for our tickets to see TDKR yesterday, since the show sold out & I couldn't use my employee discount to get in for free.

I liked the movie more than she did, but I still think TDK is the best of the three films.

Will probably see it a couple more times, once I can get in for free. And may pay to see it at the Bob Bullock IMAX after my next payday.

Been fallin' a bit behind in my movie watchin', since not a whole lot of new stuff has come out the last couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to watch DVDs, either.

Gonna have to play catchup if I'm goin' to get back to my new movie a day average...
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