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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Greg, was there any real build up to their nookie in the script?
Just what you saw in the movie.

But consider: Bruce is having a really bad day. He's lost his fortune, Alfred has abandoned him, Gordon has been shot up, Bane is causing havoc. He's standing in the rain, locked out of his own lonely mansion, having lost pretty much everything and everyone in his life . . . is it really surprising that he would welcome whatever comfort Miranda offered? She caught him at a really vulnerable moment, on a rainy night in front of a warm fireplace.

And, of course, she has her own agenda.
Good point, Greg. In truth I never really needed a reason for why Bruce slept with Miranda. The only reason I asked about a build up was because I forgot that Miranda and Talia were the same person.

If Miranda was a real person she probably would have needed to be wined and dined before giving it up. As was said, Talia had her own agenda. I just have to give Marion Cotillard props for making Miranda as distinct from Talia as possible so that I could forget that one was an alter ego of the other.
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