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One other thing that I've liked about this is the Bo/Lauren relationship. It's nice to see a woman/woman relationship on a show like this that is a real relationship, and not just a source of forced "sexiness".
What I love about the show is how completely matter-of-fact it is about Bo's pansexuality. When she makes out with/falls for a woman instead of a man, it's not a matter warranting any special attention or comment, it's every bit as routine. Same with that episode about helping the guy who'd lost his husband -- it wasn't called attention to, just treated as normal.

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^^ Hey, that would be a great match up. And they wouldn't have to worry about being in the same universe because the mythology of both shows would allow for visiting an alternate dimension.
And, tonally, they're probably a better fit than, say, Alphas and WH 13.
Not to mention Eureka and WH13. Putting them in the same universe makes no sense, since Eureka's plots have repeatedly revolved around time travel changing history, while WH13 has repeatedly been adamant, both before and after its Eureka crossovers, that changing history is impossible. And just in general, they don't fit because Eureka was a soft-SF show and WH13 is magic realism. And Alphas is a terrible fit with either of them. (I prefer to assume that they aren't really in the same universe, that there are just similar characters with the same names and appearances existing independently in separate fictional realities, like the way the Bruce Wayne of the '66 Batman sitcom is a completely different entity from the one in the Nolan movies.)

A Lost Girl/WH13 crossover might be more feasible, since they're both fantasy, but it would be a bit much to accept that we've never heard of the Fae in three (?) seasons of WH13 or never heard about mystical Artifacts in two seasons of LG. Although, yeah, I guess you could go the alternate-dimensions route. (Has LG established anything about whether history can be changed?) And while I don't find Kenzi as appealing as some evidently do, I would like to see a meeting of Bo and HG. (Although Trick and Artie comparing notes could be fun in a totally different way.)
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