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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'm not in favour of any further works in the Nolanverse - I think Nolan's said what he wanted to say here and it's time to pass the cowl to the next creative team as the film passed it to John Blake - but I'd be particularly opposed to any film that returns Christian Bale to being Batman. That would just rob this movie of the significance of Wayne's entire character arc here. Wayne is done being Batman, it's Blake's turn to be Gotham's superhero.

...although, yeah, sure, I'd like a Catwoman movie as much as the next person, but what chance is there of that happening anyway (and this Catwoman has settled down happily with Bruce Wayne, so... eh.)

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I'm pretty sure the movie did not make one lick of sense - but I kinda don't care.
Me neither, to be honest. I was emphasizing the logical flaws of the film in that post there because the person I was talking to felt that it isn't fair to compare the Dark Knight Rises to Prometheus because Prometheus cannot be considered a good film due to its galling plot holes - to which I pointed out DKR also has some big plot holes.

I enjoyed the heck out of Dark Knight Rises. And I also enjoyed Prometheus, and in each case it was in spite of their faults. One can pick apart the logic in plot terms of the prison hole, for example, but dramatically and emotionally it was where the movie needed Batman to be: Unable to save his city, unable to do anything at all. That entire stretch about DKR is about the situation getting worse and worse and the film's heroes being either unsuccessful (Gordon, Blake) untrustworthy (Catwoman) or simply impotent (Batman). There's a lot that works for the film even if it doesn't make sense in other ways, if that makes any sense.
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