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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

47. Kill Bill vol.2: B
48. The Amazing Spider-man: B-
49. Virgin Territory: C-
50. 21 Jump Street: B+
51. The Dark Knight Rises: A-

My full review is here from the discussion thread. It's long...god is it long and not in a good way. That's my biggest glaring detraction. The narrative could've been sped along, too much exposition was happening at times imo. As Bruce's back healed mine was starting to ache from time in the seat.

Don't get me wrong, it's worth seeing at least once on the big screen. If this Nolan-verse is truly closed I'd like to have a tonal change for the next Batman world. I don't mean campy but there has to be a line of fun similar to what is happening at Marvel for Batman on screen. The character lends himself, and has as evidenced by '60's show, Burton and now Nolan to many variations.
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