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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Grade: A-
For this thread: Good

Before reading anyone else's reviews, pro critic or msg board, here are my summary thoughts.

It's a good film, if long. It's a long film that fills long and while that can be alright for an initial viewing for me personally (see TDK) it means reduced re-watchability. Even though I disagree with the politics of the film Nolan crafted a solid film and solid trilogy. He, Bale, Caine and Freeman may not want or feel a need to come back but clearly Nolan left the door open to this universe.

The movie is more lacking in action pieces, perhaps due to the length? There are long stretches of narrative that seem to drag the film down a few times in the film. The worst is during his time in the, I assume, West African prison cell. I think those sequences could've been moved along better with a montage...something. I felt my back was breaking from being in my theater chair too long while being conveyed that Bruce's back was healing. Marked down a notch for that.

A glaring omission of the narrative was any mention of Joker. THE agent of chaos is never mentioned as chaos is seemingly happening all around. It's only more glaring an omission cause every main player in the saga got some face time EXCEPT Joker. Now, I get the face time, respect for the family. However, some mention of what, where, who the Joker is with or doing seems too much a stretch. Marked down a notch for that.

Alfred actually leaving, while not uncharacteristic of the character I didn't feel it added anything to this particular narrative. Bruce going from seemingly needing a mechanical knee brace pre-back break, to body back in peak shape was just a disconnect really. Over thinking it, I don't think so. Also, did I miss the Mirranda Tate/Talia and Bruce googly eyes at each other? Where did the sudden "let's fuck" moment come from? Marked down a notch for that.

With available rumors months, and months ago it became clear either where those started or that indeed someone did a leak regarding Detective Blake. When his background of having come from a boys home was mentioned it led some credence to the Robin mythos (Jason Todd), then he mentions how he deduced Wayne was Batman (Tim Drake) so the themes were in play. Points there.

Bane coming from a prison. Bane doing the classic back break pose. Bane having affection for Talia. Bane freeing inmates from Blackgate. Selina having her own personal ally/ward with her. All positive inspiration from the comics woven together. Points there.

Gordon getting separated/divorced (can't recall how he phrased it) is a true comic character development. Bruce going into seclusion, taking Batman out of the game ala The Dark Knight Returns was a thread pulled from there woven into this. Separating Gotham from the outside world due to a catastrophe and seeing Kangaroo courts and a struggle for basic necessities pulls from the story lines of Cataclysm where Gotham underwent an earthquake. Points there.

This is neither here nor there and not part of my grading but since the theme was "target the rich" it might've been an interesting visual nod to see perhaps Cobblepot Estate. Maybe being ransacked and/or hearing about squatters taking up there.

So while this saga "appears" to be concluded there really is no reason this universe need not go on. Batman vanished for awhile and came back. Just cause this film ends with him gone again doesn't mean he can't come back. Especially if Robin really gets things up and going in Gotham as the end seems to demonstrate he just might. Nolan set up Robin, perhaps as producer of a 4th film he could help craft another return of the Bat with another installment.

I'm likely going to see this again mid week. That's a few days for this to marinate to test the re-watchability.
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