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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I'm pretty sure the movie did not make one lick of sense - but I kinda don't care. Which is funny because I'm usually wildly picky and critical of Batman stories. I've read hundreds, seen dozens upon dozens of hours of Batman, animated and live action, and out of all that I like maybe 10 stories, but those 10 I really, REALLY love. TDKR suffers from many of the things that would make me hate another Batman story (and perhaps I'll hate this one on subsequent viewings - who knows?), but it pretty much rides high on sheer coolness and the cache Nolan has built in the other two films.
Wish I could have been the same way, but for me the problems and silly story contrivances were just too much to bear. Maybe if the movie had simply flowed a lot better, like the previous two did, it would have helped.
I completely understand. I honestly don't think TDKR had that many more silly plot contrivances than the first two films - BB and TDK just did a better job of hiding them in good character development and good pacing, respectively.
Pretty much every movie plot has silly contrivances and flaws, when you get down to it. The plot of Casablanca makes far less sense than the plot of TDKR.
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