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Re: What's next for Batman...

I don't think we've seen the last of Batman as a solo film property, but I do think that the next time we see the character on the big screen will be as part of a JLA film.

If and when Batman does return to the screen in a solo film, though, I don't think a return to the' Nolan'-verse is as out of the question as some people do.

Speaking of the JLA, I highly doubt that next year's Man of Steel is going to have any connection to a JLA film if and when it materializes, primarily because Christopher Nolan has said that he has absolutely no interest in being even remotely involved in or with the establishment of a shared universe akin to what Marvel's doing with the MCU, so if the MoS franchise is still going when a JLA film materializes, we'll more than likely see a completely different and unrelated version of Superman involved in such a film if Warner Bros. and DC want to have the character included.
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