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^Well, it wasn't luck. Sure, it was a virtually impossible feat of computational accuracy, but remember: Spock was the one who programmed the coordinates.
Yes but they were very lucky to have Spock!

I think you are right about the term 'transwarp'. I was getting confused because they were also beaming onto a ship at warp.
It's right there in the dialogue:
SPOCK PRIME: What if I told you that your transwarp theory was correct? That it is indeed possible to beam onto a ship that is travelling at warp speed?
I never really had a problem with them using beaming while at warp as a dangerous manoeuvre. My issue has always been with the massively expanded distances. Now if they are using subspace transporting like in TNG I can get on board as long as they show why it's more dangerous and unreliable in due course.
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