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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Absolutely horrendous teaser. Dark, moody, depressing, pretentious, much like Nolans Batman trilogy. The difference with Batman is that the dark tone fits the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Avengers made over 600 million at the US box office, proving that good (superhero) movies needn't be this dark.
I hope they at least go the Superman is a bright light in a dark world angle.
Yes, this is something that concerns me as well. I'm hoping that in an all out effort to distance their film from the Donner/Singer films, they won't diminish some of the things that are very basic to the character like Superman's straight forward heroism and over the top "righteousness". One of the things the Donner/Singer films did quite well was show the character with off the charts charisma unshakable "traditional" values.

Something else that concerns me is that the Nolan/Snyder movie will present Superman as less "super" than the Donner/Singer films did, again in a effort to distinguish their take on the character. The Singer movie in particular, did a great job of showing Superman's incredible powers. I'm hoping that Snyder doesn't think that by making the character say, less invulnerable or showing the limitations of his super-strength, that he makes the character more "relatable".

IMO, Nolan managed to suck pretty much all of the iconic mystique surrounding Batman out of his 3 movies. I really hope, and I'm not too encouraged by what I've read and seen so far, they don't have a similar plan for Superman.
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2. Zorro isn't known for his cape. kids imitating him would be using masks, hats, and bullwhips.
Actually, just the sword.
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