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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The whole Bane bomb plot was strange to me and distracted me a lot throughout, I didn't really catch on to why he wanted to hold the city hostage (maybe if I could understood everything he said, thank God Catwoman didn't have some voice affectation). I guess they're really into "breaking" people. Personally, I thought the plot would've worked better without the detonation being inevitable. They could've hit the same story beats with the detonation countdown starting as a failsafe when the device cancelled communication with the bomb. Were they even planning on evacuating before blowing that up?

The 1%'ers must like this movie, those Occupy guys were crazy! Or am I reading too much into that...

It was kind of neat how Anne Hathaway ended up both Catwoman and Batgirl in a way (even with a motorcycle). I liked Joseph Gordon Levitt a lot and didn't see twists coming not being too versed in bat-mythology and having avoided most all discussion and trailers. It was kind of odd not having Bane on the juice.

I thought Bruce was going to rig up some sort of gadget to shoot a line or whatever to get out of that tower but they went the more traditional "digging deep down inside" route. I was confused by those ropes though, seemed like they could just climb or swing on them or whatever. I couldn't figure out where they came from.

I thought it was strange that he didn't try to get Bane the first time from The Bat. Also, what the hell was that truck made of? It shook off missiles like they were bang-snaps.

I didn't sit through the credits, I'm assuming there wasn't some stinger afterward?

I thought it was a decent flick but it never went stratospheric for me. I liked the grounded presentation though I think that relative "realism" sometimes made the fanciful parts harder to swallow. I wouldn't mind giving it a second viewing before making a final verdict though my sore butt is telling me to wait a while before attempting it again.
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