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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Personally, I still haven't read any of the Titan novels, but I very much like the idea of a novel series focussed on good old-fashioned exploration and alien diversity.

I mentioned over in the What are you reading? thread that I'm re-reading the early TNG novel The Peacekeepers by Gene DeWeese right now (see here and here), which is a story very much in that vein. It's a lot of fun, and while I'm admittedly talking somewhat out of my behind since I'm by no means caught up on the continuity yet, it's a kind of story I'm somewhat missing in TrekLit of late. That's not to say that I don't like stories that deal with the socio-economic and politic realities of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants (I very much do, I loved Articles of the Federation in particular and the Typhon Pact sounds fascinating), but I think a counter-weight of more exploration-focused stories is needed to maintain a healthy balance. Given that I hope Titan continues to do well in that space.

Then again, Fallen Gods ties in with the Pact too now ...

Ah well, I've already bought them all, anyway. Just need to finally get there!
Well, if Titan doesn't end up working for you, there is the post-Destiny Voyager series, which is also focused on exploration stories.
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