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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Which is exactly my point. What is he playing as if there is no Superman figure for him to imitate? In a world without superheroes with capes, where do the kids get the idea?
1. It looks cool, why not?
2. Actually, there's a Spanish literary tradition in place, ala Zorro.
3. Modern superheroes are the literary heir to the traditional Greek demigods already, so there's an even older literary tradition from which they are themselves being drawn.
1. The most likely answer.
2. Zorro isn't known for his cape. kids imitating him would be using masks, hats, and bullwhips.
3. I could see something along this line if greek mythology was more popular in-universe. Maybe this scene starts with him watching 300? That definitely has alot of red cape imagery in it.
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