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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

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Don't think so. I think it's just a case of a bad weekend, plus it's his home GP so that only compounds the bad weekend.
I really thought the stewards would chicken out of taking action, since it was his home crowd...

On the plus side the McLaren looks to be a lot closer to the Ferrari and the Red Bulls, though it might be ahead of the Red Bull after all Lewis in a damaged car was at one point faster than Vettel (on newer tyres). Though the McLaren doesn't appear to like the wet.
Yeah, they were pretty open about that, between dire performance at wet Silverstone, and here.

I wonder how quickly the wording of the mapping regulation, whist the stewads at the race might have decided that it doesn't technically break the rules (the FIA is the higher authority) it sounds as if it breaks the spirit of the rules.
Yeah, their verdict says Red Bull didn't break the letter of the rules "as written" so it's clear they mean it breaks the intent, and that the rule will be rewritten for clarity. I doubt they'd be able to do it for Hungary next week, but might manage to do it over the summer break. Failing that I'm sure they'll have it in place for next year.
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