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Re: What's next for Batman...

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Ideally, I'd like ot see more movies set in the Nolanverse. I'd accept something with John Blake or Catwoman and I wouldn't mind seeing other major villains included that weren't done, like the Penguin or the Riddler. A Batgirl movie or trilogy set in Nolan's world would also be more than welcome. She has a compelling story.

Batgirl Begins...
Warner Brothers has quietly said that they will NOT be doing any films staring female heroes since they don't bring in the bucks.
Also, Bruce and Selina seem like an item at this point, so you really couldn't bring back Catwoman without involving Bale's Wayne.

Gotham Central wrote:
Actually, I doubt that Nolan wold go near that since he ws extremely hesitant to go anywhere near Robin.
Or so we thought.

Tricksy Nolan.
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