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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

As much as the Cardassians would loathe to recognize the reality of this, I tend to believe that Cardassia basically became a clone of post-occupation Bajor after the war, which to a Bajoran, would be poetic justice.

The Cardassian government and military was in ruin, their cities had been devastated, the population would now be in poverty and starving, and vast quantities of cultural treasures were forever lost to the war. This means that like Bajor, Cardassia would need to swallow any shreds of pride it had left, and depend on the UFP and her allies to survive.

And just like the Bajorans, I can totally see many Cardassians, the youth in particular, rushing to enlist in Starfleet, both as a way to simply get off of their ruined homeworld and escape a life in poverty and despair, and as a way to better themselves and build a tangible life for themselves and their families.
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