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So that I believe is the limitations imposed. Sure it's fast, but even the slightest mistake can be positively deadly, a ship is far safer and even more versatile in many situations..
See, i don't see how it's possible to maintain any kind of annular confinement beam in such circumstances. It's the transporting ship that maintains the beam.. A communications relay should not be able to do it. You should end up with mush at the end of the process.

The other issue is scanning. It's not an issue in the comic with another officer seated at another transporter because they can intercept the signal. Remember in TOS, they were reluctant to beam within a ship because of the possibility of transporting into a bulkhead? Transporter sites used to be wide open spaces that the ship could scan carefully. Quite apart from the fact that Enterprise was going at warp, I could not fathom how Scotty in the movie could scan the ship at such a great distance with enough accuracy to transport safely (still, in for a penny).

This does produce a massive bar to long distance transporting - without a receiving platform to guide you in, it's basically suicide. Also I don't see how a ship could quantum scan you to retrieve you at such great distances - you'd need a sending platform to get back too surely?

It seems that the confinement beam and scanning issues have been brushed under the carpet to keep technobabble at a minimum for now... and possibly to let the writers do silly stuff :P
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