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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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WB, for all intents and purposes, must be run by the stupidest retards in the history of Hollywood currently. I mean, here you are, with a flagship movie for this Summer, TDKR, that will literally pull each and every eyeballs there are in the world for the next two weeks. Then you have another flagship movie launching next year, MoS, an item with which you failed to (re?)launch a franchise 6 years ago. And horribly failed to launch GL as a franchise last year.

And ALL they could muster for a teaser trailer for their next year's flagship movie, before your bigass flagship movie this year, is this absolute dreck of a teaser trailer? Really? How could it have hurt even a bit if the far superior ComicCon trailer was released this week? They need a change in WB's marketing department.
I'm not worried about the marketing aspect. We're still a year out, and the airwaves are sure to be blanketed by nonstop commercials and trailers before then.

But I DID really want to see the full thing in the theater though. I rewatched it again online, and even in such low quality it's about a thousand times more powerful and moving and effective than the one they released.
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