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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Sadly, TNG Recut ends at episode 200 (All Bad Things), and it manages to be surprisingly emotional considering it was a series about genocidal, deviant cowards.
Not all the time they were deviants. I think it was recut 61 where Picard first expressed human emotions blubbering away over the fate of this robot character while watching some video! It is totally OTT!

I agree with your assessment TheGodBen about Kira telling Prim all Cardassians were 'guilty' in the occupation. I mean she is totally pissed off and in those kind of situations people say some very ugly things. The way I see it there is a monster inside of Kira, it came out many times during the occupation with all the people she killed and her passionate hatred of Cardassians. You push Kira far enough and she can become as bad and as ruthless as Prim when searching for everyone who slighted and hurt her.

But hell your right about Prim, if a common shmuck like him can learn such deadly assassination and terrorist skills, be scared. Be VERY scared!!!

Still this episode came off a bit OTT with a plot as plausible as something like fricking Die Hard or Face Off. At least Duet came off as more plausible...
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