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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I think that our contemporary developed world cities are not conducive to the story told in this film. If a major city is experiencing a severe disturbance, such as a riot, the national government will send in military units to quell the disturbance. We have seen this multiple times in our country's history, most recently being the Los Angeles riots in 1992. I don't know of any incident in our country's history in which Special Forces are sent in to restore order. I could be wrong, and, if so, can someone name at least one incident?
Everyone keeps refering to riots as a real world counterpart to what is depicted in the movie, but that's not the right analogy. New Orleans and Katrina is. City cut off from the rest of the world by disaster. Left to sit, fetid and dying with citizens running wild out of fear and desperation, with no federal intervention for a week. Now put to that a terrorist with a nuclear bomb who says he'll blow the city if any outside force is brought to bear. Special forces were sent in because they could be sent secretly.

The director could have depicted the decay of a great nation set in the near to far future with Batman being seen as the symbol of order over the chaos.
It has been noted before that Batman stories work best in a world gone to hell.

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True, I've heard many attempts to explain the mountain of problems with Prometheus, but no one has come close to doing it,
And no one can explain Bane's plan in the opening movie as anything other than a spectacularly absurd and mind-boggingly stupid idea that succeeds mostly through a colossal amount of dumb luck which he is gifted free of charge by the screenwriters (and I considered that your explanation acknowledges the problem with the scene rather than justifies it).

And understand I'm using this scene as an example. I could talk about the general stupidity of Bane's plans regarding Batman or Batman's inexplicable and completely unearned decision to trust Catwoman a second time etc. (and I'm not even touching the prison hole, which could be given a couple of paragraphs), but it's easier to needle in just one logical problem the film has.
I'm pretty sure the movie did not make one lick of sense - but I kinda don't care. Which is funny because I'm usually wildly picky and critical of Batman stories. I've read hundreds, seen dozens upon dozens of hours of Batman, animated and live action, and out of all that I like maybe 10 stories, but those 10 I really, REALLY love. TDKR suffers from many of the things that would make me hate another Batman story (and perhaps I'll hate this one on subsequent viewings - who knows?), but it pretty much rides high on sheer coolness and the cache Nolan has built in the other two films.

We were watching the new Aaron Sorkin show Newshour, and at the end of the 1st episode, a young woman says to a guy who just ran the coverage of a major news story through intense investigation, "You were like Batman". So I told my thoroughly non-geeky SO, "She just told him she very much wants to have sex with him." And my SO was completely baffled. I told him when a woman says that you're like Batman, she means she wants you - because Batman is just plain hot. I mean from both sides of the equation. I'm lucky in that I understand the wish fulfillment side of Batman - I read or see a great Batman story, and like a guy, I want to be Batman (not Catwoman, not Batgirl, but the brilliant wounded badass master mind himself!), at the same time, being a woman, I understand the sheer sexiness and romance of the character. Somehow or another TDKR captures all of that, even if it does so in the middle of a rather nonsensical plot.
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