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Sorry I know you don't really want me laughing at your emotional torment but there you go!
Don't worry about it, if the situation was reversed I'd laugh at you.

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Damn, this is glorious. I'm up to 50 now. No plans to stop.


Sadly, TNG Recut ends at episode 200 (All Bad Things), and it manages to be surprisingly emotional considering it was a series about genocidal, deviant cowards.

The Darkness and the Light (****)

I think I have it figured out. In this episode, Sisko wears his uniform and commbadge wrong, then correctly, then wrong, then correctly. Most people think that this was a wardrobe malfunction, but it's not, it's actually a brilliant move by Avery Brooks that furthers the development of his character. See, on the days when Sisko dresses himself he gets it wrong, but on the days when Kassidy dresses him she gets it right. Sisko's flipping between wearing his uniform right and wearing it wrong was Avery Brooks' way of letting the audience know that he and Kassidy have started sleeping together again, and for the rest of the series Sisko is getting some action regularly. It's really quite brilliant.

This episode is all about the confrontation between Kira and Prin. Stylistically, it's wonderful, the pregnant woman being tortured by the disfigured man with great use of light and shadow. And it deals with some very heavy issues with no easy answers to them, just differing points of view. I know that there's some controversy about Kira's claim in that scene that there were no innocent Cardassians on Bajor, because episodes like Duet had given her a new perspective on such issues, but I completely buy that in that moment she believed what she said. Some part of Kira does believe that, she couldn't have lived through the occupation without some of those dark thoughts, but in normal circumstances her ability to reason will overrule such thinking. But now she's pregnant, her back hurts, people have been treating her as a delicate specimen for months, and some crazy guy has been murdering her oldest friends. So yeah, I can buy that she doesn't have time for reason or feel-good peacenik sentiments in that moment, she just wants to hurt and kill the guy that has her trapped in a chair.

My main issue with the episode is that Prin is a butler that has somehow become a master assassin whose skills rival those of Garak. I can't see Stevens from The Remains of the Day becoming such an expert killer even if half his face was blown off, it's a fairly big leap. Prin manages to plant a micro-explosive on a Vedek without him knowing, place a transport inhibitor on a woman in such a way that advanced Federation technology couldn't detect it, and blow up a section of one of the most guarded strategic space stations in the galaxy. Where did he learn all this stuff, the Cardassian Open University? Actually, knowing Cardassians, that's not as absurd as it first sounds...
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