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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

I'm have a 'look at the flaming train wreck' sort of interest in watching how the Johan Santana injury goes.

The no hitter was fun, but also a big PR move by the team since they famously never had one before. You don't let a guy who missed last year after major shoulder surgery throw 478 pitches in one game.

You notice how he started to fall apart after that. He stunk it up in the meantime. His pitching has led to more runs than a batch of ex-lax brownies. I don't buy the ankle thing. And if it is the ankle, why not put him on the DL right after that?

This team mismanages injuries like no other. A guy is supposed to miss 2-3 with an itchy nose, then goes on the 15 day DL a week later. Then during a minor league rehab stint, suffers 'setbacks.' And by August, he needs open heart surgery and is doubtful untiil 2053.
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